Field of d'Reams

Field of d'Reams
If you build it they will come...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Short 24/7 WallStreet [also]?!: Why Douglas A McIntyre is The Next Netscape.

WHAT HAPPENED TO EDWARD R. MURROW JOURNALISM?!?! I never thought I would be writing about bloggers who claim they are journalists, first two at Forbes and now one incomprehensibly out of touch with reality.

24/7 Wall Street's Douglas "...But, Linux is not big, and it is not growing much as an alternative for enterprise application software. Linux has become the next Netscape..." McIntyre's "Novell: Why Linux Is The Next Netscape" HAS to be the result of a transient ischemic attack.
One simply cannot dignify anything as inane or gratuitous or baseless...with a counter argument. Forbes and now 24/7 WallStreet have simply lost all credibility. Shame on you. I have to leave it at that before my head explodes.

source (originally posted Aug 31 Motley Fool)